And lo, There Was Tea!

Happiness in a gongfu cup



So here we are: Gemma finally got her behind in gear and made a tea blog! Obviously this is still a work in progress: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Accidental Spacegirl. Even that years-old blog is still being tweaked now and then, behind the scenes.

But you’re not here to read about the Spacegirl – you’re here for the tea, and you’ll be wanting to know what to expect from this blog. I do have quite a lot planned.

There will be tea tasting, and my thoughts on different teas. From western brew to gongfu, it will be sampled and reviewed. Opinions will, of course, be my own – but I hope that those opinions will lead the reader to sampling the tea and deciding for themselves.

There will be the occasional vlog, often featuring my partner-in-crime, Alex. I’m hoping that these will be as fun to watch as they are for us to make.

There might even be stories behind the teas I feature, and the occasional interview with a tea vendor, if they’re willing. I’m all about getting business to good people, and I already have some reviews churning around in my head waiting for the cohesion of the written word.

In essence, I would like to introduce you to tea, of the type that you may never have experienced before!

Author: Accidental Spacegirl

Tarantula loving, gongfu chugging, Whovian scifi geek living in deepest, darkest Essex.

4 thoughts on “And lo, There Was Tea!”

  1. Hi Gemma!

    The closest I’ve so far got to teas like these is the jasmine tea, which I quite like, of the type found in Chinese restaurants. As I don’t shop online, I’d have to find a shop or mail-order business that sells puerh teas, which I’d be curious at least to try. I’m drinking less and less alcoholic stuff these days, so perhaps a new aromatic pleasure may be in order for me!

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