So, What’s Brewing?

Fancy Cup2
Cup from Lucky Joy Tea

Honestly? Not a lot here at Puerh Indulgence HQ! Ideas are being idea-ed though, and the tea room/studio is being worked on. I’m saving hard for teas and teaware, trying to compile witterings, reviews and videos… and this, really, is where YOU (yes, you, reading this) come in. I need to know what kind of content you would like to see, and so I would like to pitch some of the ideas I’ve had so far, to see what you think!

1: What would you like to see me tasting/reviewing? Do you have a tea in mind that you feel I simply must try? Please recommend your favourite gongfu teas, and point me at samples (or, if you are the seller, allow me to buy from you)!

2: Location, location, location! Photos/videos/tea tasting reviews whilst out and about? Happy with seeing my tea room all the time? I’m fairly flexible as to where I go, but please keep in mind that all suggestions have to be wheelchair accessible. Perhaps you’d like me to come to your living room to share tea with you? I can do that, too!

3: Guest appearances and interviews: Would you be interested in “meeting” the vendors behind the delicious teas? I’m a history buff myself, and I enjoy sharing knowledge. How about I have Skype interviews with sellers and farmers now and again? Would you want to read/listen to these transcripts? While Alex is more than happy to come over and drink all the tea that isn’t nailed down, how would you like me to visit actual vendors and their tea/teaware factories if I’m allowed to do so? I can’t visit the tea farms, obviously, as they’re generally on mountains and I’d need to rob a bank or five for the air fare anyway, but a tour around a tea factory could be fun and educational for all concerned.

4: Pet of the Month? While you’re bound to see friends of mine dropping in, or me going to share tea with those friends, how about seeing one of my eight legged furballs once a month? (They’re Ts, right?)**

**Obviously, I understand that most people aren’t fond of spiders, but I just thought I’d throw it in there!

And now to answer the question that I know readers are asking:

When is Puerh Indulgence going to begin regular blogging?

Well, I’m meeting up with a friend of mine at the beginning of December, who just happens to own August Moon Tea in Cheltenham. Perhaps she, Alex and I can concoct a fun little video between us, who knows?

For the time being, Puerh Indulgence is a work in progress. Please watch the site for progress reports!


Author: Accidental Spacegirl

Tarantula loving, gongfu chugging, Whovian scifi geek living in deepest, darkest Essex.

2 thoughts on “So, What’s Brewing?”

  1. I don’t have a particular favorite tea so I would be interested in any tea tasting you would share πŸ˜€
    For Gong Fu Cha I like Wuyi rock oolong and chiniese green teas πŸ™‚ And I am more and more interested in smaller teas from smaller producing-countries (Neapal, Korea, Argentina …).
    I addition of the taste of tea, I like to read a bit about the history or legends connected to the tea πŸ˜€ I usually write a few lines about it in my blog posts.
    Here are my preferences, I am happy to discover your blog and I am looking forward to reading your tea experiences πŸ™‚


    1. I do love my da hong pao – it’s my comfort tea! I’m also a big fan of tie guan yin, and recently tried it in a zisha pot for the first time: it really brought out the toastiness, which porcelain doesn’t seem to amplify at all. Shu puerh is also a favourite.

      I’m learning the history as I go along, and it’s fascinating! Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

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