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About Me:

I’m a forty-something housewife who lives in a small parish in Essex, England, with my husband and my pet tarantulas. I discovered gongfu cha eleven years ago, and have been broadening my knowledge of the practice and the seemingly infinite tea cultivars ever since. From oolong to white, black to puerh, I’m still learning, and I’m still discovering tea vendors. I invite you to join me on this taste sensation of an adventure.

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About This Blog:

My main aim is to introduce my readers to True Tea. I’m as happy as the next person to drink bog-standard builder’s brew, but the teas that us Westerners drink don’t transport your soul, or your mind, to places other than where you’re sat holding your cup. Until you’ve sat in the garden with your best friend, sharing the taste experience of a good sheng puerh together, and describing to each other how this particular element of the taste and mouth feel has teleported you to a beach on a stormy evening, you’ve not experienced True Tea.

So follow me, as I burn my fingers on gaiwans, get messy with wet brewing, and talk you through the amazing loose leaves that I’m subjecting to very hot (usually not boiling!) water. Learn with me, as I discover new tea sellers and their wares, and watch as my husband and I slowly turn our spare room into my tea space. Believe me, that will be a feat in itself – but when it comes to gongfu cha, a quiet space to enjoy it in is absolutely essential.


Aside from her love of True Tea, Gemma enjoys reading, gaming, science fiction, cross-stitch and carrot cake. She can sometimes be seen in her bright blue wheelchair, causing chaos in supermarket aisles with her husband at the controls.


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